GeekMom Says Schmovie is “Adorkable”!


Thank you to @LisaTate of GeekMom for her awesome and thorough review of our new 8+/Family edition of Schmovie!

Here are some of our favorite parts:

The presentation is, for lack of a more creative word, “adorkable.” The bevy of little Hello Kitty-Meets-Lovecraft Schquid cards is really appealing. Each one has a little personality from pirate to corporate manager to bunny. Getting to choose the one little trophy you want (our girl called “Ninja” before the game even started) is an incentive for doing your best in the challenges.


The game can be adjusted for different age groups. Since this is all about the minds of the players, answers can be as tame or racy as the crowd allows. I like a being able to not hold back a bit of the blue streak when it’s a warped-humor-loving adult crowd, but I appreciate not having to tell my kids, “No, you can’t play this game. It’s just for grown ups.”

For the rest of the review, please click HERE:


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