Schmovie is Featured Game for International TableTop Day!

We are thrilled that Schmovie was chosen as a featured game this year for Geek & Sundry’s annual International TableTop Day! Game lovers around the world will gather at stores and community events on Saturday, April 30th to play their favorite games… and discover new ones. And Schmovie was included in Geek & Sundry’s boxes sent to all 300 locations around the world. Schweet!

The best part? The exclusive schwag we included in each box: 10 sets of Felicia Day & Wil Wheaton Schquid Trophies.

Now wipe that drool off your chin and click here to find a participating retailer or event near you!


Game on!


Geek & Sundry Holiday Game Night features Schmovie!

We’re super duper excited that Schmovie will be a featured game at Geek & Sundry‘s Holiday Game Night event taking place simultaneously at 15 different game shops across the country on Wed, December 9th! #GnSGameNight
I’ll be hosting rounds of the game at The Uncommons in #NYC… come play with us! (Note: space is limited so please order tickets here.)

Awesome Schmovie review by The Gay List Daily!


Game nights are fun. As long as there’s plenty of wine.

And nobody suggests Monopoly.

But there’s a new game that’s so much fun, alcoholic beverages aren’t even necessary. In fact, you’ll want to have all your wits about you for Schmovie: The Hilarious Game of Outlandish Films.

That’s because this game for “smart, funny people” takes a healthy dose of creativity and the ability to think quickly on your feet.

By combining two of our favorite things — puns and movies — Schmovie utilizes the random selection of a What? card, a Who? card and the roll of a genre die for players to create a fake movie title (either a parody of a real film or a completely unique name for the marquee).

Taking turns, one player is the Schmovie Producer and gets to determine which player has the winning title from all contributions. To better illustrate the objective, here are three scenarios we drew (and rolled) at random, along with possible answers.

What (Naughty) + Who (Magician) + Genre (Drama) = David Cop-a-Feel

What (Nudist) + Who (Meteorologist) + Genre (Romantic Comedy) = Cloudy with a Chance of Pete’s Balls.

What (Evil) + Who (Flight attendant) + Genre (Horror) = A NightmAAre in CoAAch ClAAss: A ReAAl-Life DocumentAAry.

The possibilities? Endless. And on second thought, hopefully the wine is, too.

Schmovie: The Hilarious Game of Outlandish Films, $29.95