Schmovie at Gam3rCon 2014!


Huge thanks to SCHMOVIE schuperfan, Diana Gruber, for doing an aweschome job of hosting our table at Gam3rCon! She went above and beyond to schpread the Schmovie love!


Schmovie Event at Barnes & Noble Union Square

We had an awesome time at our “Meet the Inventors” event at Barnes & Noble Union Square. Thanks to all who came out to play with us! 

Schmovie Co-Creator, Sara Farber, to be “celeb judge” at Punderdome 3000 on July 1st!


Punderdome 3000 is excited to announce that the July 1st Celebrity Judge will be Sara Farber! Sara writes jokes for talking toys and is the co-creator of SCHMOVIE, The Hilarious Game of Outlandish Films. Her pun is mightier than her sword. Then again, her sword is plush and sings when you squeeze it.

Get your tickets here:

PuzzleNation Product Review: Schmovie


This just in… from PuzzleNation!!! Schweet!

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Galactic Sneeze is a relative newcomer to the puzzle/board game scene — they describe themselves as a “fun stuff think tank,” rather than a company — but if their game Schmovie is any example, they definitely live up to that name.

Schmovie is the brainchild of Galactic Sneeze co-founders Bryan Wilson and Sara Farber. (Check out Sara’s session of 5 Questions here!) Schmovie challenges players to conjure up the funniest movie title for a given scenario, based on a roll of the die (to determine the genre of the film) and a card from each of two decks, the “who” deck and the “what” deck.

[So, in this case, we need a drama about a hypersensitive granny.
Can you come up with a better title than "Irritable Mrs. Howell Syndrome"?
My friend suggests "The Slow and the Furious."]

Each round, one player is the Schmovie Producer. This person rolls the…

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