Top #BadSuperheroSchmovies Announced on Talking Nerdy Podcast and Absrd Comedy!

Tune in to @NerdyPodcast to hear their top picks from our latest Twitter hashtag game: #BadSuperheroSchmovies! In the meantime, you can see their top 10 picks on Absrd Comedy’s web site, here:


SCHMOVIE Twitter Hashtag Games Trending Worldwide!

We’ve been having BIG fun on Twitter. Join us Monday and Thursday nights at 11:11pm EST for some Schmovie hashtag fun! Just follow us @Schmovie so you’re ready to play!

Nerdy Minds Magazine Loves Schmovie!

Thank you to the fine folks at Nerdy Minds Magazine for their fantastic review of Schmovie!

Schmovie is the perfect storm of everything a good game should be. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s not the same game over and over again. As soon as we played it for the first time, it earned itself a permanent spot in our “Essential Board Games” stack. Are you sold on it yet? If so, then click here to order Schmovie today! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.”

Click here for the full review!


Beer + Cards Against Humanity + Schmovie = Naughty HILARITY!!!

What do you get when 4 hilarious improv comedians get drunk and play their favorite games of the year? The Beer and Board Games Christmas Special! And this year it features Cards Against Humanity and SCHMOVIE! A match made in naughty party game heaven.

(Schmovie begins at 9:30 minutes in.)