Schmovie hits the shelves at Indigo stores throughout Canada!

THIS JUST IN! We are thrilled to announce that SCHMOVIE has just hit the shelves at Indigo, Chapters and Coles in Canada! It’s available in stores, as well as online. We’d love to see it for ourselves on the shelf, but since we’re here in NYC, we’ll live vicariously through your photos. Snap a #SchmovieSchelfie and tag @Schmovie on social media to be entered to win a custom Schquid Trophy to add to your game box!


Schmovie’s getting a sibling!

Thanks to our awesome backers, our brand new adult party game, Spank the Yeti, has been successfully funded on Kickstarter! We raised nearly $33k, tripling our funding goal. And… since we unlocked a super special stretch goal, the splat on the front of the box will even glow in the dark. Awesome.


Miss the Kickstarter? You can still pre-order the game HERE, either on its own, or in a “Galactic Pack” along with Schmovie! This is particularly great for international fans of Schmovie… as the game is currently only available in the U.S. and Canada.


Schmovie is Featured Game for International TableTop Day!

We are thrilled that Schmovie was chosen as a featured game this year for Geek & Sundry’s annual International TableTop Day! Game lovers around the world will gather at stores and community events on Saturday, April 30th to play their favorite games… and discover new ones. And Schmovie was included in Geek & Sundry’s boxes sent to all 300 locations around the world. Schweet!

The best part? The exclusive schwag we included in each box: 10 sets of Felicia Day & Wil Wheaton Schquid Trophies.

Now wipe that drool off your chin and click here to find a participating retailer or event near you!


Game on!



This just in from… an awesome review of Schmovie:

“BEST.GAME NIGHT. EVER.  This was all my entire family said after our night last weekend playing the hilarious and super creative game SchmovieI have to say; I am not the board game fan and this experience may have turned me completely around!  The game comes as a follow-up to “Schmovie for ages 13 and up“.  The time around the Brooklyn based company (Galactic Sneeze) has mastered the art of fun the whole family can enjoy!

Ok: here is how you play: roll the “genre die” to determine your round’s type of film (Sci-Fi, Horror, Rom-Com, Drama, Action or Pick your own) grab your self your “premise cards” (who, what) and you have your recipe for writing a funny/unique/clever movie title.  Was yours the best? If so, you will be awarded a “Schquid” trophy for your hard-work.  Once you acquire 4, you are the winner!

My house laughed for a solid hour and a half.  Here is the best part: no matter how old or young your players everyone can feel included and actually win the round.  Our table included someone 50, 40, 30 and even 7 and each round was truly better than the next.  The entire game is innocent “made up” fun and it was great to forget about the world and just really have some fun.  Check out the company on Twitter @schmovie to indulge in their clever #hashtag Monday games.  I am a real fan!  Do yourself a favor and scoop up the game  It is available super easy on Amazon:”

GeekMom Says Schmovie is “Adorkable”!


Thank you to @LisaTate of GeekMom for her awesome and thorough review of our new 8+/Family edition of Schmovie!

Here are some of our favorite parts:

The presentation is, for lack of a more creative word, “adorkable.” The bevy of little Hello Kitty-Meets-Lovecraft Schquid cards is really appealing. Each one has a little personality from pirate to corporate manager to bunny. Getting to choose the one little trophy you want (our girl called “Ninja” before the game even started) is an incentive for doing your best in the challenges.


The game can be adjusted for different age groups. Since this is all about the minds of the players, answers can be as tame or racy as the crowd allows. I like a being able to not hold back a bit of the blue streak when it’s a warped-humor-loving adult crowd, but I appreciate not having to tell my kids, “No, you can’t play this game. It’s just for grown ups.”

For the rest of the review, please click HERE:


Red Tricycle: 10 New Board Games to Play All Winter Long

Well look at that! Schmovie’s the 1st of 10 games featured by Red Tricycle in their new board game roundup.

Prep for winter break by bringing new excitement to good ol’ fashioned fun. From magnetic marbles to trendy twists on old classics, Red Tricycle found 10 of the coolest, newest games to keep your kids busy during the long chilly days. Starting with none other than… Schmovie!


MAD Magazine Senior Editor to Co-Host Schmovie Hashtag Game!

We host a @Schmovie hashtag game on Twitter every Monday at 11am EST, which typically trends in the US, the UK, and Canada. Tomorrow’s is extra special, as it’ll be co-hosted by MAD Magazine‘s senior editor, @CharlieKadoo! This is in celebration of SCHMOVIE‘s cameo in the latest issue. Come play with us Dec 14th at 8 am PST / 11am EST / 4pm BST! 

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